With a change of the seasons comes different creative inspirations.  Our seasonal workshops allow you to experiment with different forms in different times of the year. Each season we will have one limited time class available for only that season and no other time a year!  Take each class throughout the year and end up with quite an amazing collection of “made by you” glass art.  We offer projects such as Easter Eggs, Fish Paperweights, Pumpkins, a very limited time Turkey, and our specialty Holiday Ornament Workshops.


Make Your Own Pumpkin Workshop

Create A Pumpkin

During this workshop, students will work with the instructor to color, shape, mold, heat, and create a your own 5- to 6-inch glass pumpkin. This class is quite hands on so be prepared to experience all steps and help guide the shape of your pumpkin.  Remember, no two pumpkins are the same in nature, and same is true here! Available September to November.


Seasonal Workshop: Easter Eggs

Celebrate spring with your own keepsake Easter Egg! During this class, you will truly create your own custom egg.  By using small pieces of custom made murrini, you’ll create your own design for the outside of the egg.  The inside will have a swirl of dichroic glass.  This spring, add a cute solid glass egg to your collection! Available March & April


Create Your Own Fish Paperweight

During this workshop, you will try out basic sculpting skills while creating your own unique glass fish paperweight. You will first create the base of the fish by manipulating color and glass to create swirls and bubbles in the belly of the fish. Once this is complete, the instructor will lead you step-by-step as they add lips, eyes, a tail fin, and a top fish fin. $110 per person (contact us for summer specials)