When do you hold classes or events?

All the time! Our gallery is open Tuesday through Sunday- but classes and events are available 7 days a week, typically from about 11AM until 9PM. Reach out to us so we can talk about schedule. You can also check our class calendar here.

How do I schedule my class?

There are several ways to schedule a class with us!

What will we do in class?

Most of our group classes operate in the same way. We spend time first discussing safety of our studio. Then we walk you through the different tools and equipment- followed by a detailed demonstration of the piece you are making. After that- you are ready to go! You’ll pick out your color from a number of mixes, and begin to work together with the instructor on your piece. The instructor will gather the glass from the furnace- but after that- they’ll be encouraging you to take on many of the steps yourself- whether its applying color, heating and melting the color in. We’ll load it in the annealer- and a day or two later- your piece will be ready for pickup!

Do I need to bring anything?

No- we provide all the materials required for our classes.

What should I wear?

Please wear natural fiber clothing (for example, jeans and a cotton shirt). Nylon tends to melt upon contact with heat- so please no athletic gear. Also- shorts and skirts should be at or past the knee to keep your thighs protected. It does get hot in here- so layers are always encouraged.   Always wear closed toe shoes. If you have longer hair- please be prepared to tie it back during your turn.

How old do kids need to be?

For our ornament/float class- kids will need to be 9 years old or older. For the paperweight class, we ask that they are at least 11 years old. The six-week series is for those who are 16 or older. We understand that some kids are big for their age- but these are limits put in place by our liability insurance, and we ask that you understand. Thank you!

Are we supposed to tip?

Our instructors have zero expectations for tips. They enjoy sharing with our students their passion for blown glass. If you do feel like your instructor has done an especially awesome job or went above and beyond, by all means, it’s absolutely ok. But we assure you- there is no expectation for tips!

Is Photography allowed?

Yes absolutely! A picture is a great way to remember the first time you created your own blown glass piece! Also feel free to ask other students to help you with this as well- you can get a great shot of you blocking the ornament, while your partner is blowing the ornament!

Do you provide repair of glass pieces?

At this time, we do not offer repair services.

Will I be able to bring home my project after class?

Pieces need to cool over approximately 14 hours, so they need to remain at the studio until this process is complete. We ask that students pick up their pieces after 3pm the following day. Because we are closed Monday, students attending a Sunday class can pick up their projects Tuesday during business hours.