For those students looking for a comprehensive, incremental experience, the Redmond School of Glass has created our Class Series.  These two series are designed to take a student through the building blocks they need to become a skilled glass blower.


Beginning Glassblowing Level 1A

Our 6 week course allows anyone, even those with no experience, to learn the fascinating art of glass blowing! Glass blowing is a fun and rewarding hobby or an out-of-the box senior project for school. In our beginner’s courses, students begin with a complete introduction to the hot shop and use of the tools.  In the first session, you will start gathering glass for your own pieces, choosing and applying color and shaping your glass.  Advancing techniques week to week will help you become more comfortable with the process, which gets progressively more complex.

The cost of the first 6-week beginner’s course includes all materials and equipment.  We schedule two students per one instructor so you receive more hands on experience, either working your own piece or assisting your partner, than you will receive in many other glass studios.  The classes meet for three hours once a week, for the six-week session.

  • Week One: Paperweights
  • Week Two: Ornaments/Floats
  • Week Three: Vases
  • Week Four: Cylinders
  • Week Five: Candy Dishes
  • Week Six: Floppy Bowls

The cost is $625 per person, or $1200 for 2 students.


Beginning Glassblowing Level 1B

In the second set of our 6 week series classes, you’ll take the skills you learned in Level 1A and begin to apply them to new color techniques. Progression will be based upon the instructor’s assessment of your skills and your desired outcomes, but may include:

  • Use of color bars
  • Lip Wraps
  • Body Wraps
  • Feathering
  • Use of Molds

The cost of the second 6 week beginner’s course includes all material and equipment.  It continues with the same 2-to-1 student to instructor ratio in order to maximize your time learning.  The classes meet for three hours once per week, for the six week session.

The cost is $625 per person, or $1200 for 2 students.

Please contact us today if you are interested in joining a class series.

Payment is required upon registration.  Online registration requires credit card payment.  For events and classes booked directly with our office, we accept cash, credit cards & personal checks.

Important information:

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations for one time classes and seasonal workshops must be received 48 hours in advance.  Other classes and events follow their specific cancellation policy.

Liability: Unless otherwise specified, students must be 9+ years of age. Students under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign a Redmond School of Glass issued liability release form. All students are required to complete an injury release agreement.  Students must inform Redmond School of Glass, at the time of registration, if they have special requirements due to health related conditions.